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LightSpeed Publishing SvcsHi, this is Scott, formerly of I want to thank all of you—music fans, musicians, venues, businesses, and everyone who has supported since 2007. The site is gone—I've talked with a number of people who were considering purchasing it, but I think it just wants to go away. If you would like information on possibly buying it, please contact me via this link.

I offer a number of professional services and, for now, will let you know about those. My "day job" is editing, writing, and putting together publications. If you click on the ad at left, you can learn what my company does. I would love to assist you if you need an editor, a writer, someone to put your book together, or someone to help you with anything editorial.

Wine Without Reason—site sponsorI may as well put in a brief plug for my band, Wine Without Reason. We perform songs that I have written over the last 45 years or so, have some CDs, and also play in local clubs and wineries. If you're interested, please check out our music web site, and perhaps ask your favorite venue owners to give us a listen and consider booking us. The WWR web site will tell you where we have played, and lists our upcoming shows.

And finally, and probably of most interest to people, I create simple and relatively inexpensive web sites plus promotional materials such as business cards, posters, brochures, menus, etc. I'm quick and very responsive to your needs.

My work is not the complicated stuff that companies with big bucks like to splash on the Web, but I provide quick, practical, accessible sites for those on a budget including small and start-up businesses, bands, musicians, artists, etc. I can quickly help you establish (or update) your Web identity and offer your site visitors the information they need to know about you, including your music, schedule, photos, etc.

Click for backstory!I'll get you a domain with hosting, put up a nice site, and, if you'd like, create accompanying materials such as business cards, brochures, and posters. I always keep an eye on cost and value while providing an image and identity you'll be proud of. I even have a home recording studio to help musicians record quick demos so you can post MP3s, if you need. Prices for the most simple page begin at about $150 (does not include securing the domain name and the hosting) and go up from there, but, for a simple site of five pages or so, rarely exceeds $650. (Web site creation prices are separate from web hosting by independent provider.)

Those who know me or have worked with me will tell you that I'm a "get 'er done" type of guy who's very accommodating.

I'm also a pretty good Mac software tech guy (no hardware repairs, though). I've been deeply involved with computers since about 1982. I can help you out if you have a problem or I can help teach you.

Here are Web sites I've recently created and maintain:

This site (AshlandLiveMusic)
LightSpeed Publishing
Earthshine Productions
Wine Without Reason
Tim Church, guitarist
Jim Quinby
Cindy DeGroft
Grant Ruiz
Stinky Metal Works
Mountain Air Systems
The Smatter Site
Massage by Angelina

Defunct sites (archived):
Sugar Rush
Dolls By Marca
KerryClicks Photography
Curtiss Printing
Sonoma Valley Visitor's Bureau
Magliulo's—A Sonoma County B&B
Union Local 38, San Francisco

I also updated and maintained (but did not create)
Alex's Plaza Restaurant & Bar web page and their Facebook page.
I currently do Facebook pages for Wine Without Reason and AshlandLiveMusic.

I would really like to help you out with your media needs.
Email me if you're interested in any of the above services and I'll get back to you ASAP.

Thanks, and thanks for your support of the web site over the years.