The Online Calendar of Live Music
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currently on hiatus but
Please Stay Tuned

Hi, AshlandLiveMusic is taking a break for the month of January and the month of February.
We will probably return in March.

I am talking with some very skilled people to either help out with the site or take it over.
Please check back for updates.

In the meantime I have left ad links up for venues and musicians who recently supported the site and advertised.
If you scroll down and click through, you can probably find their own schedules to assist your planning.

For now, I may as well use this space to promote myself since I have more time for some of the other sevices I offer:

I have been a writer/editor for ~40 years—it is my day job, so if you are looking for professional development
or copyediting for your books, stories, promotional copy, etc., please contact me.

I create simple and relatively inexpensive web sites for musicians and small businesses, plus materials
such as business cards, posters, brochures, menus, etc. I'm quick and very responsive to your needs.

And I'm a pretty good Mac software tech guy (no hardware repairs, though). I've been deeply involved
with computers since about 1982. I can help you out if you have a problem or help teach you.

So if you need some assistance with editorial or promotional materials, or your Mac, please email me and we can chat.

Also, please give my band a listen and check out our upcoming gigs.

More info by clicking these ads:

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Venues Wild Goose The Playwright in Ashland Winchester Inn Paddy Brannon's Paul Schmeling jazz @ Martino's  Milagro's After Hours Live music at Oberon's Tavern Eden Vale Enoteca Boomtown Saloon in Jacksonville Paschal Winery 2HawkWinery Check website for concert details Camelot Theatre Jefferson Spirits Click for more info about St Clair Prods.     

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